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Prayers and Our Little Angels

Today I experienced something I never have before and tomorrow will still be another new experience as I found out my special friend and sister lost her sweet baby just two weeks before he was due. I have never been so closely involved in something like this before and my heart breaks for her and every family member so lovingly invested.
She’s a beautiful person and friend that I now have for years also counted as my sister even though we are not related. Her excitement is now shock and tears that she will have to deliver her sweet little boy and hold him with no life there anymore.
This post is from my heart with honor for her family in this time of sadness and with gentleness to share her experience and encourage and commend her strength as best I can word it. What an amazing mom she will one day be I know this. My sweet sister is also so tightly and fully invested in this pregnancy. They’ve shopped together and planned together. My sister planned her first baby shower and before that the gender reveal. Her heart is broken as well and my prayer is God steps them and all involved through with a stronger faith and clarity that God has purpose behind all He does and it is for our baby angels well being no matter how it may seem.
I pray for my sweet friends heart and her family’s as well. I pray they find some level of peace and move forward with intent to give this sweet baby a sibling.
I pray for them non stop and I’m so thankful for my very healthy family and the entire family I have been blessed with.
These things occur and remind you how incredibly grateful we should be for all that we have been given and to every day praise and thank Him for our family’s, friends, and important pieces to our lives.
Dear Lord, I pray you wrap my friend, her husband, their sweet little boy, my sister, my mom and so many others broken hearted by this in Your loving arms and allow us all with faith to look up and forward with peace that our sweet little baby we never met is running in Heaven with family that has gone on before us. Knowing that we will see him one day in his most perfect and healthy little self please wrap him in your loving arms and let him know how much we love him. Thank you for your many blessings being our family’s here with us and our family’s in Heaven with him. Amen.

I first typed these thoughts the day I found out about my sweet friends little boy, our little boy, who is now an angel. Since then I cannot say the heaviness of heart has faded or the tears that come without warning are less, but this much I can share…. My sweet friend and my family are examples to me I only hope to be for others. There are plans to try to move forward in a way our sweet angel baby would have wanted. His mommy never wants to forget him, but instead has decided she wants to honor his memory in every way possible and also give him a baby sister or brother once they are cleared to do so again in a few months. I have seen so much strength and love in my friend. She’s incredible. So much care for everyone around her and concern for their needs with her own set aside bless her heart. I’ve seen my sister and family with every thing they have in them work to encourage and lift up this loving mommy who we hold so close to our heart. Our sweet angel baby has only brought all of us closer together and made us more aware of our focus on God and his plan. I am so thankful for these things. We will never stop missing or loving that sweet little boy, but I am thankful for now he is wrapped safely in perfect health in angels arms until we meet him one day. I pray for the continued healing and strength of his sweet Mommy, family, and many loved ones around him. We are so blessed by the print he left on our lives and the blessing he is to us all.



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